Men’s health


Men’s health.

Everyone knows that the fact that sexual life for men is an objective need. From the understanding of this fact and any different stereotypes of what a man in a relationship with a woman looking for just sex, which is willing to pay for her performance as a passionate lover fan.

And what if a man does not think about sex, it means that sexual intercourse had taken place just a few minutes ago and he thought about something in a state of euphoria is simply incapable. But few people know why a man so indifferent to sex, and how he really need physical intimacy with a woman. More specifically, the benefits of intimacy guess many, but not all particularized for themselves, what is the influence of sex on the health of men.

But if women are thinking about what gives them pleasure intimate lover may well have ceased to be so judgmental about men for the increased interest in him. It turns out that a beneficial effect of sex was not limited to physical pleasure, psychological aspects of strengthening confidence in their own masculinity and maintain the status of the conqueror and the conqueror. Influence of sex on the health of men is much more multifaceted.

Thus, firstly, the physical effects of the intima.

Main useful quality in terms of proximity Physics men – maintain the overall immunity and slowing down the aging process. Scientists have proven more than once that in the process of sexual intercourse every muscle, prostate, adrenal and parathyroid glands, testicles, and even parts of the brain of a man in a state of increased activity. What follows upon completion of general tension of the body? Relaxation. The higher voltage was, the deeper will be relaxed. As we know, mankind has not invented a means of wrinkles more effectively than a deep muscle relaxation. As to the sex organs, their relaxation provides an efficient process of cleaning the body of accumulated harmful substances. Including promotes accumulation of fat cells. Thus, by simple logic fabrications easy to conclude that the sex rejuvenates the skin of man and support the internal activities of all its organs. And what is also important, helps to maintain the elasticity of form shapes.

In addition, another scientifically proven fact: regular sex life reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. It causes not only in the increased activity of the body during the act of love. Although it is the basis of all the useful consequences of sex. In fact, for the heart and brain men every act of intimacy with a woman – a kind of training that provides increased stability of the male body to serious illness of the principal organs.

Pleasant moments.

Further, one of the nicest moments of the influence of sex on the health of men and women. It is known that with the achievement of orgasm in human blood enters 5 times bigger than in the quiescent state, oxytocin – hormone, which is involved in the production of endorphins, known to the general public under the name of “happiness hormones”. These endorphins are not only raise the level of positive attitude person and provide stress relief, but also contribute to a tangible reduction in pain. Accordingly, sex for men – not that other, as an anesthetic. However, for women too. Therefore, experts, well-versed in the effects of intimacy, many years wondering how female headache can cause failure of the sexual act. After all, this very act, and deliver her from annoying migraine.

But not everyone is pleased with the prospects of natural male sex. His psychological benefits, too, affects the breadth of pleasant qualities. So, the first thing that makes the sex to the psychological health of the man – it reduces the threat of falling into depression. Thanks all the same increased level of endorphins organisms developed, a man who regularly get their dose of intimate comfort, almost no risk of falling into depression. Moreover, due to the compensation potentially excitable hormone “happiness hormones”, the overall level of aggressiveness of males decreased significantly. In the body, satisfied sex harmony peculiar set of combinations of different stimulant. And as a result – the person feels well and has no desire to spoil the life of others.

Sex helps ….

Another useful psychological quality of intimacy for the general intellectual development of man as an individual. Experimentally proved that regular intimacy of a man with a woman in it increases the craving for knowledge and provides a clean mind. In part, this happens because increasing the number of men in the blood of adrenaline and cortisol, which in turn become the basis for development of gray matter of the brain. In addition, the increase in observation and flexibility of thinking helps to reduce stress levels, which also provided sex. Sildenafil can help men to achieve perfect erection.

But getting rid of accumulated stress – is not only a prerequisite for improving the intellectual abilities men, but an independent positive effect of sex. After the voltage drop of nerves becomes an ideal platform for personal development, growth, self-confidence and an increased desire to smile. Needless to say how useful for any person smile, which reduces the number of wrinkles, and prolongs youth at times, and contributes to a comfortable relations with the surrounding individuals?

Well, we should not forget about another very small importance of intimate relationships as a man with a woman – the fullest possible to meet the need for tactile sensations. Many people know that the need is satisfied for a person. But not everyone understands how important it is to indulge in the simple need. Scientists have recently demonstrated that people regularly get enough of these sensations are guaranteed living on less than 10-12% of the one who receives them in full. In addition, it is tactile grant that same person, so warm and everyone needed a sense of self-importance, relevance and desirability. What is crucial, not only for men but also for his lover.