FAQ about man’s choice: chemical composition drugs or natural?

  • All existing drugs to increase potency, which have the same composition and the same active ingredients but have different brand name are generics. There are many other pharmacological companies which bought the patent for the development of their production. There are no basic differences between original and generic drug – the same dosage, contraindications, side effects, but they are cheaper than original branded drugs. Activators NO-synthase Impaza – is representative of this group of drugs. This feature increases the potency by increasing the activity of endothelial NO-synthase at the sexual stimulation, promotes relaxation of smooth muscle, resulting in greater blood supply to the corpus cavernosum in the penis. Impaza increases sexual desire (libido), erection strength, duration, and satisfaction with sexual intercourse. The advantage of it before Viagra, Levitra and Cialis is that it has no effect on blood pressure and increases the blood flow in the heart vessels. If a man was slightly decreased level of testosterone, the drug on a regular basis contributes to its increase. Testosterone is assigned by urologist or andrologist after the test. It is a male sex hormone, which affects the level of sexual activity of men. The hormonal drug can be assigned to it in the case of low-level analysis result as orally (tablets) and injections.
  • Natural ED treatments:
    As for dietary supplements and homeopathic remedies, it should be understood that it is simply strengthening means, the effect of their possible use or after a long time of receipt (which is not cheap), or it is not observed or is terminated after the rejection of their reception. These tools include: Tribestan – Dry extract of the herb Tribulus Supplements – Tongkat Ali Platinum Alikaps, Lovelace, golden horse, and so forth. In the selection of funds should be aware that dietary supplements – this means the composition of which is confirmed by a certificate (piece of paper) They often have low efficiency, uncontrolled quality of clinical trials and independent studies of their effectiveness is not performed (with rare exceptions), respectively, and waiting for 100% of the effect of their application is not necessary. Other impotence treatments the use of special rubber rings which wear at the base of the penis vacuum erector spend intracavernous injection operation prosthetic penis or restore vascular blood supply which treatment is preferable in every clinical case solved by the doctor, possibly a combination of these therapies.