About Viagra medication:

Generic Viagra

Today, we developed a lot of drugs that help to restore male potency. The most effective and well-known drug in this group is Viagra. Erection begins in the brain. Mental or physical stimulation may lead to the fact that the nerve endings of the brain starts to send a signal to the male sexual member. Chemical signals of vessels ordered a member to come to a state of euphoria, relaxation. Under pressure member is filled with blood. Strong blood flow is retained in the cavernosum corpus, which maintain an erection in men. Erection subsides when you stop the blood flow. Urethra opens and penis takes a calm state.

The release of semen during orgasm is called ejaculation. Despite the fact that much has been said about Viagra, and in the article can be found many answers to questions related to its operation, you need to visit a doctor for that. He will definitely answer the question whether to take it to you personally. No one would not want to make a heart attack directly during lovemaking. Also, no woman which would not want to be a man risked his life for a moment of pleasure. After all, the main “cure” all diseases is the love and affection that will help you relax and reduce stress. Also, a man should cheer.

With erectile dysfunction today, I got to know quite a significant number of men. It is believed that now this problem has become especially acute, but before the impossibility to perform marital duties transformed the lives of men in a hell.

Seeking a way out, patients were willing to go to any, the most unusual and unexpected tricks, but no funds at times did not help to achieve the desired. Made significant strides in addressing this serious problem managed by chance.

Authors Viagra actually sought a cure for diseases such as angina. It is known that this disease is sometimes gives heart complications, due to high blood pressure. Given this, and pharmacists have developed a new drug that was supposed to ensure the normalization of pressure.

The product received an official name – sildenafil citrate, and in 1992 he began his clinical trials. Tests generally failed: it turned out that no effect on blood pressure medication has not.

However, at the same time the ability to identify unexpected “side effect”: all those who took sildenafil citrate tablets, erection problems have disappeared. Once complete the experience, men are reluctant to return the remaining pills. This effect was observed conducting research company “Pfizer” and soon was born the “Viagra”.

Viagra stimulates an erection by increasing the blood supply flowing into the penis. Thus there is are no side effects in “permanent erection” – tool works only when the person is experiencing a natural sexual excitement. After the spring of 1998 in the United States has been granted permission to order Viagra immediately wanted to millions of people in various countries around the world. Since then, a new drug has helped a huge number of families to regain the harmony of feelings and normal relations.

So a drug that had no effect on the heart and vascular system as a whole, affected the blood flow to the penis, causing an erection. He got all the well-known name “Viagra”.

Viagra – a pill a bright blue-blue lozenge-shaped. On the one hand signed by the manufacturing company, and on the other the name and dose of the drug. The use of Viagra basically ends with a single oral dose of fifty milligrams to half an hour before sexual intercourse.

Buying a new drug, almost everyone wants to read the annotation to it.

And what is written in the annotations of all the familiar drug “Viagra”?

  • First of all, you must know that this drug is available in pills. The package number of pills is different. The main activator of this drug is Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg. This is a common name of pharmacists and pharmacists pills. The tablet also contains other excipients that cause no particular influence on the organism. The pills do not relax the body tricky, so to provide the expected action is necessary to make a series of manipulations, aimed at sexual arousal.
  • Sildenafil citrate 100 mg is an innovation in the world of pharmacology. This drug is an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5. The drug has the ability to increase during arousal penis through the lumen of blood vessels therein, which in turn makes it necessary to achieve intercourse penis sizes.
  • Viagra is used by men in order to be a member filled with blood circulatory failure. This disease is known to all as impotence. It is characterized by the inability to copulate and lack of erection. The quality of sperm and sex drive when using this drug is not affected.
  • If your doctor has prescribed Viagra, you should read the annotation to it. After all, as with all drugs, it has side effects, too. Most of all – it’s such reactions as swelling of the lips, cheeks, eyes, hives, and difficulty breathing.

Viagra – a pill, which is administered orally, and are used in order to eliminate the disadvantages of erection. When the drug begins to have effect – the male sexual organ is excited, full of blood. At this time, a member of the released nitrogen oxide.

Due to the sequential chain of interactions, the substance normalizes blood circulation, thereby relieving tension. The drug was tested by the action on the heart muscle and other vessels. In men without any pathologies active drug in an amount of 100 mg. It caused no side effects other than lowering blood pressure in some individuals of the male representatives.

However, there is an interesting feature: when using this drug the men after a short period of time confused colors. Clinical trials on the efficacy and side effects of the drug were conducted approximately six months. It was carried out about twenty experiments. They were attended by 300,000 people with weakened erection of different etiology.

Age groups of men, ranging from 19 and ending with 87 years. In 76% of cases, the drug has the desired effect, and the remaining 24% did not bring the expected result. In general, men who take pills, happy with the result and may you and your beloved will increase the number of sexual contacts at an average of once every four – five days with the help of medication.

Side effects almost revealed. However, statistics show that around the world were about seventy deaths to date related to the use of these pills. All of these men to receive medications were problems with the heart and blood vessels. It is also noted temporary blindness in some males who use the drug, so after his application to sit behind the wheel is not recommended.

The quantity and composition of the sperm preparation has no effect. However, if the man had not had children and it is associated with erectile dysfunction, it is possible in a short time to get them. Viagra is a drug exclusively for men, so it might be taken by male half of the population only.

Women are taking it is strictly prohibited. In the best case, nothing in the woman’s body is not going to happen, and at worst may affect deplorable health and well-being.
It is noted that the use of the drug during pregnancy and breast-feeding the baby is strictly contraindicated.

Side effects can manifest itself in convulsions, syncope, tachycardia, even nosebleed both men and women.

Scientists have conducted many experiments, which showed that many men will heal wounds and scratches, although this is not proven. It reduces the risk of heart disease in some cases.

  1. The active ingredient pills reduce the likelihood of blood clots, it removes toxins and restores the nerves. It is planned to introduce the main active ingredients of the blue tablets of other drugs that will greatly facilitate the treatment of various diseases.
  2. It is known that Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg is strictly contraindicated for people who regularly take drugs against angina (it attacks). These are drugs like Nitrosorbit, Izoket, Kardiket and other nitrates. Because Viagra has a slight hypotensive action. Simultaneous consumption of pills can greatly reduce the pressure.
  3. After a stroke, myocardial infarction is more attentive to receive Viagra. You can not five or six months after such shocks suffered by diseases take the blue diamond-shaped tablets.
  4. Those men who have severe arrhythmia Sildenafil Citrate 100 mg is strictly prohibited. Pressure over a hundred sixty and less than ninety-five mm.

Now produces an analog of the drug for women, but it has a greater effect on the libido. To date about the drug Viagra has said a lot, but few people know that there is also a Viagra for women. The demand for Viagra every day increases significantly. By popular demand the female was released this drug. Viagra for women produced in accordance with the nuances in the structure of the female body. The most common cause of problems with sexual activity is considered insufficient blood flow to the genitals, as well as pain in the genital area and the insufficient allocation of lubrication.

The issue of female frigidity is very serious indeed. No sex toys and games can not help such women. After all, lack of orgasm associated with the violation of circulation of blood in the right mode. Therefore, the use of classical Viagra does not affect sexual desire neither women nor men. But we can say for sure that the blood flow to the pelvic reinforces isolation, which say that a woman is ready and excited to have an orgasm. If a woman is no longer experiencing libido, then it is necessary to consult with your doctor, gynecologist, and on his recommendation to start taking Viagra for women.

In the female body in the application of the drug significantly increased libido and testosterone hormone in the blood, as well as enhanced sensitivity to stimulation. In applying the drug in women appear pleasant sensations in the vaginal area, and enhanced orgasms. Thanks to Viagra for women, you can get maximum pleasure from lovemaking, despite their age.

At menopause and hysterectomy this drug is especially necessary in the age of 50 years. Viagra for women is usually recommended to start with one pill. Greatly enhance the effect of the use of the tablets on an empty stomach. The action of Viagra starts in average about half an hour.

The effect is maintained for up to six hours. It is important to take the drug properly guided recipe and strictly fulfilling the doctor’s recommendation. With increasing doses of a woman’s body can be sprovatsirovat side effects.

The main side effects include dizziness, headache, impaired perception of colors and shades, flushing, and changes in visual acuity. Viagra can use almost any woman. It has many advantages. The drug eliminates any sexual dysfunction, increases libido and strengthens omolozhaet body recuperate, to help prepare the body for conception.

Especially this irreplaceable drug for frigid women. The feeling of dissatisfaction at the root of the drug extract from a woman’s life forever. In place of confidence he will have sexual partners and of himself. Use this drug can not all women. It is important to read the instructions in order to avoid side effects and death. After all, women with problems of the heart and blood vessels, as well as a number of other diseases, the drug is contraindicated.

I would especially like to note that the treatment of nitrate drug is also contraindicated. Long-term use of Viagra does not adversely affect the body. The drug was tested repeatedly. Therefore, it revealed that nothing harmful to the reproductive system does not affect the use of the drug – not an erection or the nervous system. Moreover, it is noted that the people who took the drug more than one consecutive year, improve their erection. It can be concluded that due to this remarkable drug erectile dysfunction is treated by a course, as well as one-time fee.

The psychological effects of the drug on men overemphasized. It provided an unsuccessful act of a man unconsciously begins to think that he may not turn out. The beneficial effects of pills can get rid of the feeling of failure.

Alcohol and Viagra are two concepts that are closely linked. Alcohol in any case should not interfere with sexual life. This adversely affects both women and men, and, of course, the future offspring. So is it possible to take Viagra with alcohol? If we talk about how the body affects the simultaneous use of alcohol and pills, the single fact of the negative effects were observed. However, they should not be taken together. Alcohol adversely affects the nervous system and inhibits it.

  • Furthermore, erection alcohol affects not the best way. From here you can make a logical conclusion with all the consequences: whether to accept a means to improve erections in order to “kill” its action instantly alcohol? Also, simultaneous use of these two components may be adversely and even highly detrimental effect on the heart and vessels.
  • Viagra is a tool that should improve the quality of life, and not dangerous experiments on their own health and life. There is also an interesting connection between the fact that in the use of Viagra have to give up not only excessive drinking, but from too fatty foods.
  • If you plan to noisy feast, it is best to replace Viagra Viagra Soft. Last preparation can be used safely, it is absolutely independent of the number of alcohol consumed. If a man wants to keep his erection, it is necessary to restrain yourself in terms of alcohol.
  • In our country, impotence often associated with fatigue and the struggle for survival, the use of alcohol and tobacco. If we take the chemical reactions that occur in the body, the combination of the basic substance deystvuschego Viagra called Sildenafil, it can be concluded that it is in any case does not interact with alcohol.

I would like to mention that alcohol can not only negatively affect erection, as well as the nervous system. Excessive consumption can bring to the paralysis. Number of drunk alcoholic beverages is necessary to control and not to exceed the dose. I would also like to note a very interesting fact: in the application of Viagra in a number of cases there is blurred vision. This happens rarely, but it happens. Viagra not only leads to a temporary color blindness, but also nearsightedness or farsightedness, and even blindness. Pills provoke nearterialnuyu optic neuropathy ischemic type. At eighteen times more likely to have this disease are people who used magic pill. Despite this, the organs that produce licensed to sell this drug is considered unlikely and not proven.